S2E6 | Insights for today’s engineering leaders — June 17, 2022

S2E6: We have been grinding on lots:

Pipelines — Yep, whether it’s TransMountain, CoastalGaslink, or Northern Gateway, we’ve delivered thousands of hours to general contractors for excavation shoring, CIP and precast concrete, and field fabrication.

  • Quality is a given.
  • Do it fast.

Sometimes things go wrong, really wrong!

Things just would not go right! Couldn’t get embedment depths, sheets split multiple locations, massive cobbles and boulders impede sheet piles, cut width and DPI thruster space allowed minimal reinforcing, ground water level rising…

  • Make it easy to build
  • Time is of the essence…

Architects, builders want collaboration, but don’t see eye to eye [+]

Expectations from both parties is high (100% responsibility to Owner), but after many decades in the business, “I work with people I like”.

Study MTC’s ethical carbon sourcing [+]

Slowed building spree frees up supply-chain and land for other projects.

Amazon warehouse pullback good for contractors [+]

Slowed building spree frees up supply-chain and land for other projects.


Materials, labor shortages threaten data center construction boom [+]

If you are an owner, you are paying for it, one way or another.

De-launch a ROW access bridge [+]

With the minimum fuss and utilizing the equipment and space available, design a de-launch methodology.

Investigation: Street collapse near Gordie Howe Bridge [+]

No injuries, but cost of damage still being assessed and will be covered by Bridging North America under the $5.7 billion contract.

Top 10 commercial contractors of 2022 [+]

Of last year’s top 10, nine remained on the 2022 list. The only missing firm was Los Angeles-based Tutor Perini.

Algae-based cement garners attention from AEC industry [+]

Strong Venture Cap firms invest in Algae as key component of a new zero-carbon cement mixture.

Problem: Winter Bridge Launch [+]

In remote Northern Saskatchewan, local general contractors benefit from some experience.

Feds announce $247M as part of new Apprenticeship Service for SMEs [+]

New Federal Apprenticeship Service is being launched to help small and medium-sized employers (SMEs) overcome barriers in order to hire and provide training opportunities for first-year apprentices.

Timber fabrication ROBOT to show off its moves [+]

State-of-the-art eight-axis industrial robot, the workshop will demonstrate to participants the technical and conceptual foundations of robotic wood milling by getting them to design and build a full-scale plywood prototype.

High pay attracts workers, but construction’s employment gap widens [+]

Rising hourly wages brought more workers to construction in May, but the industry still posted a record number of job openings to start the month.




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